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Be a part of a special team of volunteers who have a common vision. We offer experience, support and value. We often go at the invitation of the local government and mostly to programs or areas where there is an existing support base.

Are paid positions available?
The two to four week programs are volunteer, unpaid positions. However, longer, paid positions are sometimes available and will be posted as they are offered.

How much does it cost? 
We are often the guest of the Host organization. While some cover the cost of housing and food during the program, some do not. Expenses include airfare, immunizations, visas, and personal spending money.

Where will we stay?
Accommodations will vary from program to program. The host organization will arrange for housing in dorms or local hotels. Please contact us regarding specific programs that you may be interested in.

What will we eat?
Authentic native cuisine is the typical fare. However, many major cities have American style fast food restaurants available for that little touch of home.

Do I need to be a certified teacher?
You do not need to be a certified teacher for most of our programs. However, you should have some kind of teaching or presentation experience. You may be teaching 3-6 hours a day and need to be able to handle different situations. The Edge has developed lesson plans to provide guidance in your preparation. Your team leader will have more specifics on the program requirements. [/learn_more]

What training is available?
The Edge offers EFL (English as a Foreign Language) and ESL (English as a Second Language) workshops throughout the year. Click on “Trainings & Meetings” in the menu above for information on upcoming workshops. The Edge may also be able to locate workshops in your area that will further equip your to serve.

What can I bring?
Be aware of the baggage weight limits for each airline you may travel on during your trip. You can buy almost everything you will need after you arrive depending on the program site. Your teaching materials and supplies will be most of your weight. You will not need lots of clothes. Laundry service is often available.

What is one thing I really want to bring?
You will want to have family photos of holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. Relationships are very important. Larger photos are easier to share, so you may want to bring 8×10 color copies and put them into plastic sheet covers to protect them. You can share so much about your family and holidays with your personal photos.

Will I be able to contact home?
Our world is getting much smaller as Email and phone services improve. You will want to establish a Hotmail or Yahoo account to use since these are more commonly found. Because of server issues you should tell your friends and family not to send attachments in their email. You will learn more about communication and E-mail from your team leader.

What will my classes be like?
Class sizes will vary as well as the students’ ages and proficiencies. Please refer to the specific program for details.

What immunizations do I need?
You should be up to date on your Tetanus and MMR. Hepatitis A and B immunizations are wise and Typhoid immunization is also good to have. (YOU NEED TO PLAN AHEAD FOR SOME IMMUNIZATIONS)

How do I get involved in one of the Cultural Exchange opportunities?

  • Select a program on the Cultural Exchange Opportunities page.
  • Contact us here.
  • Receive reply from The Edge Institute with further instructions.
  • Participate in an orientation and/or ESL/EFL workshop.
  • Send in application & fee.
  • Be selected for a team.
  • Prepare lessons/activities from Edge teaching resources.
  • Prepare to travel to your destination – Visa, packing, shots, $$, etc.  (We will be available to help you.)
  • Obtain air travel reservations through The Edge Institute as a team.